Software editor in Carbon, Energy and CSR Management fields.

IZYPEO® is a recognized software company specialized in Carbon, Energy and CSR Management solutions.
IZYPEO products are innovative and facilitate data collections, action plans deployment and project communication around your sustainability project.
We offer decision making tools dedicated to your environmental performance including sharing, reporting and dashboard functionalities.
Thus, IZYPEO allows you to handle, control and optimize your environmental project while making aware all the project actors.
IZYPEO is located in SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS area (close to Nice)

IZYPEO Software are solutions for CEMS, ENERGY and CSR management

What we offer

"IZYPEO CEMS is a dedicated software for the management of carbon, fully compliant with the French greenhouse gases legislation and incorporating the French ADEME carbon database. The software is online, shared, simple with many other advantages. It allows :
- Limited travel thanks to online data sharing
- Integrated online surveys assisting the data gathering
- Easy and fast knowledge transfer
- Rapid legislative Carbon Footprint calculations (BEGES) and report publishing
- Centralization of the carbon data facilitating the carbon monitoring in a company
- Corporate carbon simulation thanks to the integrated carbon actions plan
- Comparison between different carbon footprints of different years or sites

IZYPEO CEMS is a software which does not require any installation on the users’ computers. A simple internet access with access rights are sufficient.

IZYPEO® CEMS is capable of monitoring and managing CO2 emissions generated by a company (Carbon footprint, GHG Protocol,…), by a product manufacturing process, by a specific project (simplified life cycle analysis).

IZYPEO® CEMS is based on dedicated carbon management modules and on a project management and communication technology approach. It is a true shared application which helps information transfer and homogeneity in the calculations across an organization.

"IZYPEO® RSE is a tool for the social corporate responsibility. Beyond the diagnostic, the platform can define a dash board for various indicators within the organization and related parties. The platform can also be used as a training tool for the employees of the organization.
Furthermore, it enables comparisons year after year, the visualizations and the associated reporting (excel, PDF, TRF formats).

"IZYPEO® ENERGY is a real tool for monitoring and management within an organization eager to integrate different consumption reporting capabilities, such as water, electricity, gas,
It can be based on manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic data feed, with various checkpoints, automatic graphical and report outputs (excel, PDF, RTF formats).

What we are looking for

As an innovative company, we are looking for:
- Partenrships,
- Common projects,
- And buyers.


  • Security and safety
  • Transport and mobility
  • Sustainable environment
  • Building
  • Water
  • Smart grids
  • Communication



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