The mobile paperless office: mContracts is a new concept to edit rental contracts on tablets to gain time, efficiency and professionalism

VigiZen S.A.S. is a French company creating the “mobile paperless office” for car rentals, fleet management, guarded parking, home-care services, and other vertical markets where 1. Paper is burdensome and imprecise compared to pictures; 2. Delays are incurred between what happens out of the office and when management is informed. We deployed our tablet-based fleet management app in Ada car hire's 430 locations and have projects with Hertz France.
Come and talk to us, we can discuss how to go green, mobile, real-time... paperless.

Tablet-based rental contract solution

What we offer

mContracts, specialized in mobile apps, has developed a novel tablet-based rental contract solution. It eliminates paperwork and improves customer relations by using pictures of diagrams, on-tablet signatures and PDF document distribution

What we are looking for

Distributors of software / informatics infrastructure / back office equipment of the rental markets are sought.


  • Transport and mobility
  • Communication



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