VigiZen is a new private family social network.

VigiZen’s e-Health concept is a platform running on Android tablets and the web for dependant people and their families and healthcare professionals, combining essential ICT services for 1. the social well-being; 2. healthcare follow-up; and 3. assistance and alerts. Targeted dependant people are elders typically > 70 years, certain disabled people (ex. ALS disease) and chronically-ill patients. The first stand-alone version is technically mature and available to buy on our e-commerce site
Target users have a simple, intuitive interface that a “trusted” person can configure from our website. No explanation required: one can do social-networking by sharing pictures, messages and making video calls; telecare is done by medication and appointment reminders and home-care validation using NFC (near-field communication) tags. The medical alert icon alerts the trusted person by SMS and email. Weather and streaming music are included. Other content will follow.

Tablet-based home-care management solution using NFC (Near Field Communication) and voice synthesis for seniors and the disabled

What we offer

VIGIZEN is a French IT company specialized in mobile Health solutions for home-care management and assisted-living communities. It has developed a novel telecare concept involving a custom tablet interface using NFC (Near Field Communication) tags and voice synthesis to connect seniors to family and healthcare professionnals through social exchange, medical alerts and homecare monitoring.

What we are looking for

Distributors of electronic equipments for seniors, health professionals, senior residential complexes are sought.
Licensing is also sought for technology integration.


  • Health
  • Communication



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