With offices in Belgium and France AKIRA provides professional language translation and publishing services for hi-tech products, software and content in more than 60 languages.

AKIRA offers the most appropriate solutions to meet the customer´s requirements as regards quality, cost, and speed to market.

AKIRA's mission is to help highly specialised companies release their products and information to a global audience.

Translation and publishing in 60+ languages

What we offer

We help engineers, product managers and sales executives in key industrial sectors achieve their strategic business objectives such as:

•Publishing product documentations for global markets
•Managing international regulations and intellectual property
•Increasing global brand awareness and reputation
•Improving time to market

We use the best translation project management methods and tools to efficiently translate and update technical documents, websites and multilingual corporate information.

What we are looking for

During the B2B meeting we would like to make you find out how you can use our professional language services to promote and sell your products and services globally.


  • Security and safety
  • Transport and mobility
  • Sustainable environment
  • Health
  • Public lighting
  • Building
  • Water
  • Wastes
  • ICT
  • Communication


Global Business Dvpmt.

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