SENSIVIC : the camera's ears. SENSIVIC®, registered trademark of the DEMTECH company, is a range of sensors for soundscape analysis and sound event detection.

The mission of the company is to design, manufacture and market innovative solutions for detection and remote monitoring solutions. DEMTECH relies on a proven expertise in signal processing and M2M communications technologies.

Located in Mouans-Sartoux, in the south of France, DEMTECH is a player in the markets of Physical Security and Video protection, remote control of industrial machines. Its customers are mainly local authorities, municipalities and certified integrators.

Pioneering sonic events detection for security

What we offer

What if your cameras could react to abnormal events ? Efficiency of the video-surveillance systems would be dramatically improved if cameras were able to look in the right direction, at the right time.
By detecting abnormal sound events, the SENSIVIC detectors trigger an alert and help the camera to shoot in the right direction. SENSIVIC detectors are designed like camera's ears. Thanks to their permanent “on site” self-learning system, no manual configuration is required, they can be used in any kind of outdoor environment, any hour of the day, any time of the year. They can also to be used for sound-level monitoring, and traffic monitoring.
SENSIVIC is a patented innovation by DEMTECH. Nearly 12 towns in the south of France are equipped.

What we are looking for

- All cities and local authorities already equipped with video-surveillance systems, and willing to make it more effective,
- All cities and local authorities who wish to install a smart video-surveillance system
- All cities and local authorities who want to have a permanent record system for measuring urban traffic and ambient noise level


  • Security and safety
  • Sustainable environment


Brand Manager SENSIVIC

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