Thermal Engineering and consultancy office

Atiane energy provides next services:
- Thermal studies
- Energy audits
- Renewable energies studies and audits
- Financial engineering
- energy process management

Energy engineering and consultancy firm

What we offer

Our offer includes:
- Thermal studies for new buildings: RT 2012, dynamic thermal modeling
- Renewable energy studies and audits: photovoltaic, solar thermal, wood energy
- Energy audits for existing buildings
- financial engineering: investements costs, subsides identifications, CEE valuations
- Energy management process
- Territorial energy strategies for local communities

What we are looking for

Wer're looking for new customers, as:
- General contractors
- Local communities interesting in strategic energy plan
- Property managers

We're looking for partners, as:
- Architests
- Energy accounting services (GTB/GTC)


  • Sustainable environment
  • Building
  • Smart grids


Consulting engineer in renewable nergy and energy efficiency

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