enviromental engeneering - sustainable layouts

Situated in south of France, close to Aix en Provence, bureau of Expertise, Consultancy and R & D Laboratory for Environmental Engineering, the young and innovative company ECOGEOSAFE offers solutions to prevent industrial, urban and natural risks, conducts vulnerability studies of ecosystems, industrial facilities and urban layout projects, purposes prevention, rehabilitation and building plans through its innovative and efficient tools for territories’ sustainable management.

Services and tools for sustainable urban and environmental layouts

What we offer

We offer expertise and consultancy for urban and environmental layouts and assistance to project owners for ecologic building projects. We purpose risks' management services, rehabilitation plans for industrial facilities and polluted soils, integrated solutions for sustainable development.

What we are looking for

Technical partnerships, opening ways to new projects, meeting with project owners.


  • Security and safety
  • Sustainable environment
  • Building
  • Water
  • Wastes



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