Parko brings a crowd-sourced solution for parking. Through our smart algorithms, we collect and analyze data on drivers’ parking behaviors to deliver intelligent parking availability information. We provide the most optimal route to find parking with real-time updates from other drivers.

Parko - Making Parking Easy Together

What we offer

Parko gives people a door-to-door ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) and takes into account the expected parking search time. The company’s solutions are being integrated into navigation and parking payment companies as a suite of easy-to-embed SDKs, API libraries and dashboards.

Parko’s new API provides the parking ecosystem the ability to help drivers discover the optimal navigation route to a parking spot with real-time updates from other drivers. Parko’s technology analyzes the parking habits of opt-in users.

Advanced algorithms analyze this data and build a map of parking availability for each street and for any give moment. The maps are continuously updated in real-time as new parking data is sourced from the crowd.

What we are looking for

We are looking for strategic partners to expand.


  • Transport and mobility
  • Communication


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