Transport & Mobility

ComThings is R&D center creating, developping and selling solutions for Internet Of Things, Access Control, Connected Cars and Smart Home market. We propose innovative Radio-Frequency SW and HW solutions.
Our first product is for delivery professional. We answer to the need to not stay and to wait at home to receive our goods.
For next products we simplify the way we communicate with objects present in our environment, whatever the brand, the technology and the Radio -Frequency used by the objects.
ComThings has been created by 2 telecommunication experts coming from Texas Instruments.

ComThings: How to receive your goods at home not waiting the delivery driver

What we offer

We propose to consummer to receive their goods at home not waiting the delivery driver.

How it works: the consummer grants temporary access to the delivery company. The delivery driver connect to a server and get access.

The complexity we resolve is to create a radio protocol library to be able to communicate with any type of entry gate radio system

What we are looking for

Delivery professional looking for innovative solution to optimize the last kilometer.


  • Transport and mobility


General Director

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