Catopsys offers a platform of immersive 3D3 technologies, easy to install and to deploy in any space. It enables architects, engineers and builders to convey their designs in real space, feeling totally immersed and fully present within that space. It allows to create virtual prototypes in the scale 1:1 that can be shared between several people and where you can conduct virtual 360° visits.

Immersion in your projects at 360° and in the scale 1:1

What we offer

Catopsys is based on a patented and unique 3D3 immersion technology. Catopsys develops immersive solutions up to 360 ° X 180 °, the specific calibration of which allows to project a 3D content (real panorama or virtual scene) on an any 3D environment with processes of interaction and 3D visualization (sensors of position, stereoscopy). We project 360° images and videos as well, in any kind and any size of rooms (dome, normal rooms, ..).
The alliance of this innovative technology with the industry knowledge of our partners allows us to offer transportable, easy to install solutions which maximize your immersion in virtual realities while adapting themselves to your contents, your environment and your budget.

What we are looking for

1. Solution providers that are looking for improving the sensation of immersion in their applications and overall solutions
2. Research centers looking for building innovative immersive projects and H2020 projects
3. Public (local or regional) authorities that want to show to their population what will look their project in the scale 1:1
4. urban developers to implement consortium-based programmes
5. Producers of 360° content (video, serious games, photographies)
6. Artist


  • Security and safety
  • Transport and mobility
  • Sustainable environment
  • Health
  • Public lighting
  • Building
  • Smart grids
  • Communication


Co-founder and President

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